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What is Pagerank?

Pagerank (Google PR) is one of the approximate 200 ranking factors that Google now uses to determine a page's relevance. It uses an link analysis algorithm to assign a web page a numerical weight on a scale of one to ten for the purpose of measuring it's importance. A hyperlink to a page is considered a "vote" for the page. Pages with a higher PageRank score have more weight in "voting" with their links than pages with a lower PageRank number. This link vote is commonly referred to as a "link juice" transfer.

The main way to increase pagerank is to increase the number and quality of sites linking to your page.

The name "PageRank" stems from the name of Larry Page, as well as the concept of a web page.

Although pagerank is no longer significantly important for SEO purposes, it can be used as an indicator of the quality and quantity of backlinks that a webpage receives.